The Satellite of the University of Chile for Aerospace Investigation (SUCHAI) is the first chilean CubeSat developed by undergraduate students, engineers and professors of the Electrical Engineering, Physics and Mechanical Engineering Departments of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) at University of Chile. The main goal is to learn the whole process of designing, building/integrating, launching and operating a picosatellite.

The 1U Cubesat has educational and scientific purposes. The spacecraft consists of three main subsystems:

  • On board computer: The C&DH unit is responsible of flight operation of the satellite. It uses a custom Flight Software for low power embedded systems.
  • Communication: It is composed of an UHF transceiver to enable telemetry (download link), CW beacon broadcast and telecommands (upload link).
  • Energy: The final subsystem consists of an energy control unit, solar cell panels and a lithium polymer battery.

SUCHAI mission considers the following payloads:

  • Langmuir probe: The main scientific goal of this payload is to study the ionosphere in synchronization with incoherent scatter radar (ISR) by taking simultaneous measurements of electron density variations in the ionosphere.
  • Electronic out of equilibrium: Simple RC experiment to study the out of equilibrium fluctuations in a hostile environment.
  • Camera: A small digital camera to study the feasibility of observing Earth from space with cubesats.
  • GPS: A GPS receiver to get the position of the spacecraft. In future missions dual frequency GPS receiver might be used for Total Electron Content (TEC) and/or water vapor (WV) determination using data ocultation technique.

SUCHAI Cubesat and Langmuir Probe

SUCHAI Cubesat



  • Frequency : 437.225 MHz
  • Mode : CW
  • Speed : 20 wpm
  • Message : 00SUCHAI0 + TELEMETRY

CW beacon telemetry consists in four different frames with information of main subsystems.

  • Frequency : 437.225 MHz
  • Mode : FM (MSK)
  • Baudrate : 1200bps

Av. Tupper 2007, Santiago, Chile